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Ultimate Detailed Plan for Healing ADD and ADHD Naturally (For Children and Adults)!

Are you or your kids struggling with ADD/ ADHD/Dyslexia/OCD? This video details the most common causes and a super easy natural treatment approach/plan to addressing the root causes and bringing your nervous system, body and mind back to balance!

The Truth about Naturopaths: where I learned my health information and why I post these videos!


Surviving your healing: How I got through each day and what helped me beat my diseases the most!

Can IC really be fully cured/healed, will you always have it and what is remission?

Cultured and Fermented Foods: Preserve your Life and your Health!

Best Natural Pain-Reducing tools for Interstitial Cystitis

    I was recently contacted by a very nice young woman, who was diagnosed with IC and was obviously suffering tremendous pain. Having been there myself for many years in agony, I decided to write a post about the many tools I acquired over the years that really made […]

How to purge the body of Parasites: Raw Coconut Vermifuge and Diametaceous Earth!!

JUICING: Why it’s the best way to heal your gut!

As I sip my delicious green fennel, celery, cucumber, parsley apple juice, on day 4 of my latest liquid cleanse, I find it only fitting to take a few moments to share my deep passion for juicing and why it is so incredibly powerful in healing the digestive system. We […]

Is Fruit Hindering your Healing?

Is our modern fruit making us sick? There is so much debate about whether or not fruits help the healing process. The Frugivore diet is getting some heat these days, when celebs like Ashton Kutcher became sick after consuming only fruits for a month. There are so many mixed views […]