My 1 Week liquid fast!! Day 1- why I’m doing this and the benefits of fasting for healing.

Hey guy’s I’m posting this a couple of days late, but on Monday I started a 1 week liquid fast. I made a video each day of my experience so that I could share it with you! It’s pretty tough to do a liquid cleanse, especially in the summer when all your friends are guzzling sangria and chowing nachos on a terrace, but your body is worth it!

I have attempted fasting before and always found it really difficult as my health was inconstant and the detox was always pretty rough. The longest I’ve succeeded in juice fasting so far is a measly 3 days. I’d like to make it to 7 this time and one day work it up until I can do a 30-40 day cleanse alternating juice and water fasting. I’m hoping that by sharing my journey with you and having your support, I would feel more motivated to stick with it and resist he urge to sink my teeth into a moist and decadent slice of homemade banana bread…( or anything really!)

I want to show the truth about fasting, that it’s intimidating and very difficult, even for someone who makes healthy living a priority. You don’t always feel amazing. No matter how healthy we think we are, detoxing is not fun. Fasting requires dedication, commitment and a ton of self-discipline (I almost tackled my mom because she made an avocado sprout salad for dinner…like how could she?? That selfish B*atch!!!!). Sometimes during the fasting, I get slightly grumpy (and by slightly grumpy I mean VICIOUSLY cranky!). I get mad at people around me who are eating, because that’s so abnormal of them, and I forget why I’m even choosing to do this. It’s helpful to keep reminding yourself of why you are doing this and to remember that feeling crappy periodically throughout the cleanse it NORMAL! I am making a series of short video blogs explaining my motivation for doing this and letting you know how it goes each day!

Wish me good luck in completing my week, I’ll keep you updated!


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