3 Best Reasons to go Raw and Why!

There is so much conflicting health and food information out there and it’s always so confusing! I am a bit of a dietary chameleon, I am always learning and tweaking my diet to ‘test and see’ what diets or foods work better than other’s in supplying me with a pain-free existence and abundant energy. I have recently embarked on my newest food journey and am currently trying the raw vegan lifestyle. I would love to say that I am 100% raw and that I did not just stuff my face a few nights ago with way more Crudessence deserts and cooked potatoes than anyone should ever eat in one sitting (don’t tell Hippocrates!!). But alas, I am only human and as many can relate, my will-power lasts only up until menstruation week! Health and healing is never final, it is about learning and growing every single day. You did not become the wonderful, accomplished person you are today by doing everything right, and the same is true for food habits! A one-moment slip up cannot reverse consistent positive consciousness and proper life choices on the regular. I am hoping to share the benefits of raw eating and hopefully add some clarity on another oh-so controversial food subject.

My personal experience with eating raw has been an extremely positive one. I have noticed a severe decline in my once-in awhile bladder flare-ups and have noticed a powerful decrease in my once digestive issues (bloating, irritation). I feel more energetic over-all and have a renewed sense of well-being. It’s as if I literally feel more alert and ALIVE and I am not even eating 100% raw. I am a complete organic vegan, but I do indulge in some roasted nuts or baked veggies once in awhile (Ya that’s right, I’m a total rebel!). After hearing the benefits of going raw and experiencing them myself and watching those around me transform, I was inspired to continue on this path.

 So why go Raw? 1) The very best reason to eat raw foods is that they are ALIVE. We are also living beings (hopefully) and live foods work on a similar vibration to us, they literally transmit living energy to our cells when we eat them, providing us with abundant life forces and boost our ability to cleanse and heal any dead or diseased inner tissues. If a food is alive, it contains plenty of living organisms, nutrients and enzymes that all get transmitted to you after ingestion, literally fueling the life within your every cell. One of our biggest complaints as a population is fatigue, lethargy and  a scary lack of stamina/ energy, even in children. This is mainly due to the fact that we are consistently eating processed, cooked, and DEAD food. This dead food has no enzymes, little to no nutrition and works on a completely different vibration than the live cells in our bodies. Once a food is heated (cooked) above 115F, enzyme activity is destroyed and nutritional quality diminishes considerably. If it is processed, the way 80% of our food supply is, it basically becomes nutritionally void and a burden on the body, actually stealing life from within you. Food is not just material used to stuff the big ‘gap’..it is designed to fuel, energize and nourish your cells. With that in mind, most of what we eat regularly cannot be considered food at all.

 2) Deciding to go raw is miraculous for your health, not only in what it can offer, but also in what it can help you AVOID. By choosing raw, living foods you automatically cut out all processed food and sugars, all gluten, most meat/ fish and all dairy. This is a huge step in taking control of your health. The health dangers of eating processed food is well documented and widely accepted, so let’s skip to animal products and gluten. I know there are many different views surrounding this sensitive subject and to keep it simple, I am going to address ONLY the health standpoint for avoiding animal proteins and exclude all moral issues. It is no mystery that today our animal supply is contaminated. Commercial meat and dairy contain antibiotics, traces of hormones, environmental pollutants and questionable (at best) GMO materials from their feed. In addition to that, recent removal of meat safety regulations in Canada, leave us questioning if we can even safely eat meat containing untested and unregulated pathogenic microbes that can pose life threatening side effects. Due to the risk of contamination and food-borne illness, we are not advised to eat raw meat or dairy. Cooking and heating proteins causes coagulation (dangerous protein recombining) and produces free radicals that scatter within the body and damage our cells and DNA, even if you are consuming organic, free range meats. In addition to dairy being extremely inflammatory within the human body and contributing to abnormal mucous production, casein, the protein in dairy has been scientifically found to have stronger links to cancer than cigarettes with it’s hundreds of chemical by-products!

Many auto-immune, inflammatory conditions such as asthma, colitis and arthritis ( basically anything ending in ‘itis’) can be linked to the consumption of dairy and it’s effects on our internal environment. The only milk naturally designed for humans is human breast milk and it does not need to be paid for, pasteurized or packaged. Gluten, the protein in some grains, predominantly wheat is also linked with inflammation and cancer.  Since most meat and dairy we consume is either cooked or pasteurized, it is obviously not alive. Most of us have, to some extent, a compromised digestive system, either from poor dietary choices, antibiotic-use, lack of infant breastfeeding and many other factors. The human body cannot absorb or utilize proteins unless broken down into amino acids and our compromised systems are often unable to complete this process effectively. Consuming complex proteins from animal products often results in excesses of undigested proteins left behind which putrefy in the gut and produce numerous toxic acids and by-products that burden our bodies, disturb our internal oxygen flow and get stored in our tissues. These undigested proteins pose a huge threat to healthy cells and have been linked to cancer growth. Not to mention the amount of mucoid plaque and undigested sludge that gets packed onto our colon walls from the left-over non-fibrous animal proteins we ingest, literally adding up to years of toxic putrefying build-up and congestion! It is estimated that the average person loses more than 10 lbs. of impacted fecal matter during a colon cleanse! Ugh! Vegetable proteins are easily broken down into amino acids and when sprouted are already in that form, readily absorbable. Vegetables contain vital nutrients, abundant pure water, plant fiber/cellulose and literally sweep the digestive walls clean with every meal. Cheers to that!

 3) Another critical reason for going raw is to avoid digestive Leukocytosis! Digestive what you say? When we heat or cook food, even vegetables, we destroy the enzymes and kill the food. Leukocytosis is an immune system response to eating partially or completely dead food. The immune system reacts to this dead food the way it would a pathogen or toxic invader and increases white blood cell production in the digestive tract and blood, basically reacting as though it is being attacked. Over time, this exhausts the immune and digestive systems, leading to abnormal immune responses (or auto-immune reactions, allergies), immune system inability to protect against ACTUAL threats and severe gut damage. As if that were not bad enough (like really!), the lack of enzymes in the food cause damage to the pancreas as well! The glorious pancreas plays a critical role in digestion and blood sugar regulation. It produces insulin and controls blood sugar while also making digestive enzymes meant for the ’emergency’ times we do not consume any in the food we eat. This enables us to break the food down to bio-available compounds and allows us to gain benefit from the foods we eat. The problem arises when we do not consume predominantly raw or living food with it’s own active enzymes. Once a food is even slightly heated or cooked, enzyme activity is destroyed and the pancreas (now in a panic) has to produce enough enzymes to digest huge meals, with hard-to-break-down animal proteins and mucous-producing dairy and cooked inflammatory gluten- containing grain products! This exhausts the poor pancreas, and does not allow it to focus on it’s more critical role, which is regulating blood sugar and protecting every cell from blood sugar related damage. This results in pancreatic malfunction (diabetes) and possibly pancreatic failure or cancer. Not fun!

 Moral of the story? Respect your body! Eat mostly real foods that are alive and easily digestible in moderate quantities. You do not need to be a salad-hoovering, green juice slurping nut-case every minute, but love yourself enough to feed your body and cells what it needs every day. Most of us would never think of putting vinegar in our gas tanks. We know that it is not what a car needs to run smoothly, be reliable and get us around. Remember, you only get one body, one set of organs and one lifetime to try and achieve your ultimate quality of life. Just because the skin does a wonderful job of hiding our junk-laden insides does not mean they are not there, begging for a break! Happy Eating!




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