Ever wanted to juice fast but don’t know where to start? 30 Day Juice Fasting- My detailed program!

I wanted to share that I have once again embarked on a juicing journey and am currently on day 4 of what I am hoping will be a 30 day deep-cleanse juice fast. I may or may not follow it by a few days of water fasting, it will depend on how I feel and where my body is at.

The reason I am deciding to do this is because, besides loving raw, living foods, I was recently in Europe for a month and although the quality of food is generally better due to stricter food laws (little or no GMO, less MSG, produce with less pesticides etc…), I have spent a month indulging. I mean how can you not!? Pastry shops, cafe’s- the best pasta ever!? So although I ate mostly well, I let my guard down and sampled everything bad too- numerous times! No one is an absolute saint and we all like to indulge sometimes (especially me!), it’s about balance and knowing when to get back on track.

So here I am, feeling and looking a little nastier than I usually do after a month without my regular juices and sprout salads. In addition to that, I returned home to an enormous Thanksgiving feast which lasted days- and I mean DAYS! I knew that ALAS, a thorough detox was in order!

I wanted to share my exact juice cleansing protocol (designed a la Britt), for anyone who is interested in fasting or looking for a general program to follow. I have added a few of what I deem to be ‘essentials’ to my daily routine, things that boost the immune system and aid the organs in the cleansing process so that detox symptoms and hunger pangs are at a minimum. So far I am feeling GREAT (with a few periodically dispersed grumpy moments!).

I am having between 3 and 5 Liters of fresh juice a day and am having no fruit juice except pineapple juice on alternating days to break up the veggie breath. My juices include different mixes of the following: carrots, parsley, garlic, ginger, romaine, cucumber, celery, fennel, beets, kale, collards, plenty of sprouts, tomatoes, bell peppers, cauliflower, onions, pineapples, cilantro, mint and any spices I like. My goal was to create a v8/ Clamato type-juice (minus the nasty MSG of course!!) and I think I was successful-let me know: I used 1 celery stalk, 1 clove of garlic, 2 medium baby bell peppers, about 10-12 sweet cherry tomatoes, 1 English cucumber, a handful of fenugreek sprouts, some fresh cilantro, about 8 medium carrots and a pinch of sea salt and pepper! i swear it was uncanny, but then again after days of cucumber celery juice, anything with some flavor was heavenly. ALWAYS strain your juices while fasting!! Excess pulp keeps digestion going which reduces healing ability and causes hunger pangs. I double strain mine with a very fine mesh strainer- pulpy juice is pretty strange anyway, it’s like halfway between a juice and a smoothie- what gives?!

I am also taking a parasite detox tincture at the same time first thing in the morning, as well as doing daily distilled water enemas (If I feel too faint after them, I alternate days). Enema’s may sound strange (and please do not attempt until you know what you are doing!!) but they are very effective at cleansing the colon and helping take you into your fasting state more quickly. By ending digestion in the colon, through clearing it out, your hunger pangs diminish and detoxification happens more easily. After my parasite cleanse, I start my day with a large lemon water with cayenne and turmeric powder to aid in cleansing the liver and reducing inflammation responses as toxins are released into the system. I drink plenty of water during the day in addition to my juices (about 1 liter or more- either alone or with lemon, turmeric cayenne powder, or cinnamon or nutmeg powder), this helps flush all the ‘nasties’ out. After my lemon water, I do my enema (pure distilled, body temp water only -you can add pro-biotic powder or wheat-grass juice- no TAP water ever) and I use about 2 cups to 1 liter of water, nothing crazy. During fasting, after a few days the bowels stop moving on their own so in order to help clean out detox material and cellular waste from your body, either enemas or other non-harmful natural laxatives are used such as psyllium fiber, flax seeds or prune juice. Personally I prefer the enema’s as, they do not ‘restart’ digestion like the psyllium and flax which makes me much hungrier and makes fasting successfully much more challenging.

I try to meditate for about 10-15 minutes a day while I am fasting, this keeps me spiritually connected and committed to my purpose, it helps me feel euphoric and creative, while not getting fiercely angry when my family is eating dinner without me. I am not always consistent with this though, it depends the day and how I am feeling. It is important to not feel deprived while fasting, make sure to drink enough juice, herbal tea (no caffeine!), water, whatever helps.

I take daily digestive enzymes and pro-biotics as well between my juices, this helps to balance the gut and break up impacted mucous, fecal matter or infected bio-film lining the gut. It sounds pretty disgusting, I hear you, but we all have it my friends, denial or not, we all have it. I also like to take either wheat-grass or E3live (blue green algae juice) 2-4 ounces a day to supplement protein and minerals, especially with the enema’s. However, adding lots of spouts to the juices works too.

At night before bed I take 2 large tbsp of food grade diatomaceous earth in water (be careful not to inhale the powder or fumes-can be dangerous for the lungs), this helps to absorb yeasts, parasites and any other unwanted critters that may be lurking in my abdomen- UGH!

Et VOILA! The end. That is what I do each day during my fasts and will continue to do for the next 27 days! I will keep you posted on my progress and let you know if anything ‘fun or exciting’ happens!



***It is important to know that this program is designed to MY needs and based on my current health requirements; it is not a personalized detox program suitable for everyone. I also advise everyone to do proper research and advise your health professional before fasting, making sure to consider safety precautions before attempting anything on my program. That being said, I am using all organic produce in my juicing to ensure maximal nutrient intake and living enzymes and minimum exposure to chemicals or toxins (pesticides, irradiation etc).


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