The 8 Rules to Ultimate Health

Rules 1-4

As I mentioned in my last article, there are specific rules to follow if you want to maximize your health and longevity. Even if you are currently well, following these rules can bring you to an even higher level of energy and an increased quality of life. If you are ill, these lifestyle modifications will trigger the body’s inner healing ability and bring you back to health.
These adaptations are all equally important. If you wish to experience a healthy, pain-free, quality existence in this toxic world, making each of these rules the foundation of your life is absolutely fundamental.

The 1st Rule to gaining and maintaining health is CLEAN AIR:   We cannot live without it and for good reason! Breathing poor quality air will starve your body of vital oxygen, its most essential and basic need for survival.  You must breathe clean, fresh air every day, this means that smoking is completely out of the question. Every inhalation from a cigarette passes into your lungs, carrying hundreds of poisonous chemicals into your bloodstream, suffocating each cell in your body while robbing it of oxygen.   For example, the vaginal secretions of female smokers have been found to contain high levels of the same toxins inhaled.  The same applies to male secretions in male smokers.  There is not an area of the body that is not negatively affected, so basically your body cannot achieve or maintain health if you smoke.  It is also preferable that you do not live near industrial areas or chemical plants. These emit clouds of poisonous substances into the air, 24 hours a day, substances you will be breathing in with each breath you take. This heavy toxic burden is highly destructive and avoidable.

The 2nd Rule to health is WATER:   You must drink pure, clean water every day. This means avoiding tap water at all costs! Most tap water contains toxic amounts of neurologically and hormonally damaging chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride and aluminum, in addition to chemical hardeners, softeners, and general impurities picked up when travelling through the underground water system. Even public warnings about contaminated water do not provide full disclosure as to the precise dangers, so one must seek this information.  As a consumer, one has and must exercise this basic right.  A good rule to follow is, DO NOT CONSUME ANYTHING WITHOUT FULL KNOWLEDGE OF ITS CONTENTS!!

I recently went apple picking at an organic farm, and stopped by a nearby restaurant.  The waitress informed me that due to recent warnings in the area, the water was not drinkable.  I asked her what had caused the contamination, and she had no idea.  Doing my own research later, I discovered that the cause was Atrazine, a toxic herbicide used in the farming of corn and other common crops.  The posted public warning did not provide this information, nor was there any mention of other restrictions of its use, such as for showering etc, even though it is known that the skin, our largest organ, absorbs much of what we are exposed to.

Bottled water itself can be a concern.  Plastics are toxic and leach chemicals into the liquids within their containers. Of concern also is the length of time water sits in bottling factories and the resulting high bacterial content that can be found evident months or even years later.  A properly maintained private well is the answer, but unfortunately not accessible to most.  Other than this, there are quality distillers and water filtration systems that are readily available, and efficient at purifying the water we drink.  I personally choose bottled water from local sources who promote no fluoride and very low chlorine content, and whose pH value is over 7.2.  If a company does not include the pH of their water on the label, DO NOT DRINK IT, as few things are as damaging as drinking acidic water.

The third rule of health is SUN USAGE:  Yes, I said it, the sun is not evil! It is absolutely essential to life on our planet.  We need full-body skin exposure to the sun regularly for proper vitamin D synthesis and hormone production.  Long term vitamin D deficiency causes several painful auto immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, amongst other conditions.­­ To clarify much of the mis-information concerning sun exposure:  the sun, in small quantities and according to your particular skin type, is very beneficial.   Example, a fair skinned individual would take much shorter and more frequent lengths of exposure, building resistance, whereas a darker skinned person can sustain longer sessions.

Sun exposure is necessary to manufacture Vitamin D in the body.  How?  The sun’s UVB energy transforms a component in skin oils into Vitamin D3, this then goes to our liver, picking up molecules of oxygen and hydrogen, then onto our kidneys collecting more oxygen and hydrogen molecules, then becoming active and usable Vitamin D.  Food sources of this vitamin are limited (fish and egg yolks), and require transformations within the body as well, so the sun’s importance as a natural source should not be overlooked.

Is it a coincidence also than in North America suicide rates are highest in January and February? Also, higher rates of depression and anxiety are generally found in northern climates, where sun exposure is minimal.  Light therapy has been used to treat these conditions successfully for years.

Many theories now suggest a link between skin cancer and both sun AB– USE, and our extensive use of commercial sunscreens.  Needless to say, abuse of any health-intended product or situation deletes its positive effect, so is not the way to go. Sunscreen products contain chemical ingredients designed to deflect and absorb some UV rays thus intending to prevent sunburn.  But these ingredients penetrate the skin causing toxic local and internal reactions to occur, example, questionable disturbances to the natural production of vitamin D, and unknown chemical reactions on and within the skin that theories suggest may be associated with the rise in melanomas and skin cancers in both the young and old.   As said before, the skin is our largest organ and it absorbs like a sponge, with a direct route into the bloodstream.  It is a major and large port of entry into our entire body, and what we put on it needs the same scrutiny as what we eat, drink, or inhale!

Rule number 4 is FOOD:   WE ARE WHAT WE EAT! There is no denying it, diet plays a substantial role in overall health and resistance to illness. Every bodily function depends on the fuel we nourish ourselves with! Our bodies work in a synergy, using micro nutrients from the foods we eat. If we are eating nutrient- depleted and/or toxic food, we are not feeding ourselves, we are poisoning ourselves! Words we cannot pronounce on the labels of our foods, and denatured processed foods have no place being introduced into our mouths and bodies. Consider that many processed foods are made in a laboratory, from a host of chemical ingredients, and if it weren’t for artificial man made flavoring agents and synthetic food dyes and additives, they would never even appeal to us. In many cases, our food industry is basically fooling us into eating products that are not even food at all, at least not in the natural and real sense of the word! *** (give some examples here??)

Look at the rise of and ongoing condition of Obesity in modern times.  Obesity is actually a disease of extreme cellular malnourishment and severe toxicity,   The quantity of the foods we eat is secondary to the quality of it.   Eating good choice, natural, pure, organic foods, will not lead to obesity.  Whole foods are simply too filling, balancing, nourishing and satisfying. Stay away from food choices whose ingredients you cannot pronounce, and commercially processed boxed and canned foods. Eat fresh as much as possible and cook minimally and simply, retaining essential nutrients.