About Me


Hi! My name is Brittany and I am a certified Naturopath and passionate Health Coach who gets the honor of assisting people all over the world in reclaiming their health naturally!

A 3-year battle with Interstitial Cystitis, IBS, severe acne, thyroid disease and cardiac arrhythmia… and the eventual healing of my body has led me to begin this blog! My health struggles inspired me to pursue a career in the alternative health field as well as to create several e-books such as Fully healed, fully guilt-free, The smoothie Challenge, The candida cleanser and Fully Nourished in the hopes of sharing accessible, convenient and affordable healthy alternatives and natural disease-fighting information with the world!

I have seen first hand that all disease is cure-able and ultimate health can be achieved by properly supporting and encouraging the body’s own natural self-healing ability. My goal is to share with you the information I have gained-and continue to gain- through my personal experience in both suffering with, and overcoming my health ailments.

With a unique, but ancient approach to healing, an unwavering  faith in the healing power of the human body, the unparalleled joy I feel in helping others and the immense love of all things natural, I invite you to share in my journey and perhaps make use of some fun tips and tools I have discovered along the way. I truly hope you enjoy reading my blogs and watching my videos as much as I love creating them!

With complete faith in your ability to heal and all of the love in the world, I wish you the fastest and most transformational healing journey possible!