Author: Brittany Auerbach

Don’t canoodle me with those corn noodles!!

A recent experience of mine found me in a charming Italian eatery ordering off of the “healthy” gluten free menu in Florida. Armed with a health intention, I chose what I believed to be a nutritious and healthy option and what I received was a UFO (unidentified feasting object).  Sitting […]

My IC Story Part 4

So where am I today? Happily nearing the end of my healing process! These days I enjoy a mostly symptom-free existence. I often forget that I have a condition and can now go up to three hours without even thinking about urination, and for someone who drinks as much water […]

So Exactly What Type of Animal Are We?

As a student of Naturopathy and an opinionated health enthusiast, I am often gushing about some new miracle food that I never realized was so beneficial or about how to tweak our lifestyles to gain that extra bit of vitality. The most common question I hear people asking is what […]

Great News for the Organic Community!

I recently started working again after a year and a half battle with Interstitial Cystitis. I am thoroughly impressed with my new place of employment and the new ‘organic’ concept that they are launching in order to better serve the health of their clients. I have thus decided to write […]

DCA-A Cure for Cancer?

It seems there is always some controversy surrounding pharmaceutical drugs. Often it is the integrity of the giant corporations themselves being questioned; other times the potentially dangerous side effects of their products. We have all seen the commercials where a drug promises to cure diarrhea while the possible side effects […]