Can IC really be fully cured/healed, will you always have it and what is remission?


  1. Hello:) I have ic so bad! To the point I can’t leave my home. So depressed, I feel I have no life! It is so lonely. My day consists of sitting on the couch, and afraid to eat. Could you please, please help me? Xoxo you are amazing:)

  2. Margaret Pheeney

    Can you please post me some information on aloe vera? Thank you I appreciate your videos you’ve taught me a lot. Blessings, Margaret

  3. Margaret Pheeney

    Hi would you please post me a video on aloe vera. Thank you. Blessings. Margaret

  4. You are an inspiration, Brittany. I am on my IC healing journey and continue to follow your nutritional advice from a past consultation. I love eating an alkaline diet and never get sick except for lingering IC urethral symptoms. Lots of energy and even helps combat menopausal symptoms. I am working on stopping bladder instillations (had more than you can imagine), and trying to get off the other common IC meds eventually. My urogyn did a cystoscopy last week to see how my bladder was doing. Lots of improvement from two years prior, but still two weeks later suffering with terrible post-procedure urethral pain. Not sure why I agreed to another invasive procedure, but my urogyn (who is very caring and an advocate of organic diet plus western meds) wanted to see the state of my bladder before cutting back on the instills. I hate them! They traumatize my urethra for days. Luckily I have an amazing pelvic floor therapist who helps get me symptom-free by relaxing the pelvic floor muscles.

    Your videos lift my spirits and my gut “literally” knows you are right about healing. Thank you for all that you do for the IC community. You give me hope and strength that I too will be completely free of IC one day.

  5. Michele Lowrey

    Hi Brittany… I have seen many of your videos on interstitial cystitis & I have become hopelessly frustrated with modern medicine. I have had IC since 2005… & have chronic pain everyday. My only hope is that the program you took will work for me. I recently purchased your book “Fully Healed” & I am hoping that I can find relief from this miserable disease. Do you have any suggestions & pointers on how to get a good start of your program?

  6. I was diagnosed with genital herpes about 6 months ago and it is trying to destroy my life im willing to do anything to get this virus out of my body! Can you please help me ?

  7. Patricia Phillips

    I weaned off my thyroid meds for one year following the the best advice I could find in diet and supplements. After being off levoxyll for 3 months and still having adrenal fatigue my endrinologist said I could go into a comma. I started my thyroid meds again but it causes severe vomiting and gerd. I am so sad to have to take it again. Can you recommend a doctor that actually will help me wean down levoxyl as far as I can at least.

  8. Hi Brittany,

    I have IC for many years, I’m interested to know if you have a book on IC and how you healed yourself. How long were you at Hippocrates Institute?
    I find your story extremely encouraging, so would love to know more about how you healed from IC. Gabrielle

  9. Hello, thank you so much for this video, I did learn so much!
    I have a question, you could please help: I had IC years ago and I did cure it with Waterfall D-Mannose which did help straight away. I completely forgot about IC until I did put a non-hormonal IUD as contraception: after 20 days I started my period and with it, IC came back :/ I am desperate because it is my school exams period and it is just so stressful! I removed IUD and started an antibiotic but it is not helping, so I decided to wait until I will have to finish the 7 days of taking it and after I will come back to D-Mannose and will also introduce probiotics… However I am so scared that maybe IUD somehow did mutate the bacteria or created some parasites which I will not be able to make go away, because this IC is different from what I had years ago, it is stronger, resistant and it just does not make me sleep which is killing me during my exams… Am I just paranoid?
    Thank you very much for your videos, you are amazing.



  11. Hi, I have IC, was diagnosed about a year ago. I’ve got my symptoms under control for the most part. Just got over a flare that lasted about 5 months. I also was told I have EBV when I had blood work done in 2015.
    I now think I have genital Herpes. I’m thinking I may have had it for a long time. I get a sore from time to time up near the crack of my butt. I never realized that could be herpes. Now I’ve had vaginal burning, fatigue, chills, lower back pain and this weird sensation throughout my body. This started a week ago. I have no blisters or lesions.
    I was watching your video about Colloidal Silver. I’ve checked at Health Food Stores but no one recommends the quantity you suggest in your video. Most say 1 tsp daily. I’m so confused. Looking for some help to try and rid my body of these viruses.

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