The Big C: The Truth about Cancer and How to Reverse it Naturally!

It seems everywhere we go, we hear the big C-word: CANCER. It is estimated that today nearly 1 in 3 people will battle some type of cancer in their lifetime. As I write this there are many hopeless hearts reeling from the news of themselves or a loved one’s diagnosis, one of them potentially being one of my own family members. This has prompted me to address a very serious topic that is shockingly misunderstood. There is hope to reverse your cancer, I feel that ALL diseases are reversible with the proper lifestyle changes and positive outlook. So what is Cancer exactly and what the hell can we do about it when we are faced with a paralyzing fear of death? The following may surprise you, but finding out you have the big C is not as terrifyingly final as we are taught to think. Contrary to popular belief and misinformation, CANCER IS ACTUALLY A GOOD THING!!! It is your body’s way of defending itself against a poisonous internal environment and without it, most of us would die long before our diagnosis. Here’s how it all works:

Cancer is not a disease that came from ‘out there’, you did not ‘catch it’ and there is no need for the powerless self-pitying of ” how can this happen to me, I am so unlucky!”. By understanding the actual physiology behind what cancer really is, it makes knowing the true ‘treatment’ pretty simple and straight-forward.

It is imperative that we understand one point: the human body is alkaline by design and acidic by function. It fights for homeostasis and works every minute of every living moment to keep our blood Ph at an alkaline 7.2-7.4. The body is meant to thrive on oxygen and alkaline minerals, we cannot survive without them. All foods and substances that are healthiest for us leave an alkaline residue and alkaline minerals in the body. Healthy tissues are oxygen-rich and loaded with alkaline nutrient stores that the body can use to neutralize the acids that are produced by everyday activities like walking, having sex, digestion, breathing, etc. When the body is rich in alkaline nutrients and rich in oxygen, it is disease-free and optimally functional. When the body becomes too acidic, the cells close themselves off by encasing themselves with alkaline minerals to protect the blood from becoming very acid (which would result in death). By closing themselves off, these cells begin to be unable to absorb alkaline nutrients or oxygen and basically turn anaerobic and cancerous. It is the same process that a bacteria undertakes: when blood supply and oxygen is cut off and acidity increases, they morph into ‘superbugs’, ones that can thrive and grow in, even the most undesirable of environments. AH thanks to acidic antibiotics!

So what is cancer?: Cancer is a cell (or combination of billions of cells- as in tumor) that have morphed from being healthy to cancerous in order to continue surviving in a body that no longer promotes or accommodates the birth and maintenance of healthy cells.

Cancer is your cells way of ‘surviving’ inside your toxic, acidic, low oxygen body. If your healthy cells did not have this ‘defense’ ability of becoming cancerous, they would die instantly and YOU would die instantly too. The human body’s survival mechanism is nothing short of miraculous and it’s ability to withstand this level of depletion and toxicity is something to admire! Cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence, it is a MAJOR SIGN THAT YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT OF YOUR BODY! All cells die off eventually in a normal life cycle, both healthy and cancerous ones. With their death, new cells are born to replace them, this is why we age and change. If you have cancer cells and you change your lifestyle to one that is extremely alkaline, non toxic and hence oxygen rich, your cancer cells will become weak and die off slowly. As the internal body environment improves, healthy cells will be fed and strengthened and produce more healthy cells. Over time this will result in the death of ALL cancer cells and the result will be a body that has healed and returned to health, filled with healthy alkaline cells! This can be tested in any lab, the average healthy cell is alkaline (above 7) and the average cancer cell has a ph of 4.6-5 or less. That is a damn ACID cell! There is a plethora of studies being conducted in the last several years using baking soda (with it’s strong alkaline Ph. of 9-10) mixed with both cancer and healthy cells in a petri dish and guess what! the result is that the healthy cells are unaffected and the cancer cells die instantly! Doesn’t it just make sense that if healthy cells are alkaline and cancer cells are acidic, that if we make the body alkaline, eventually cancer cells will simply be gone?!

What we do not realize is that by the time you receive your diagnosis, you likely have billions upon billions of cancer cells in many area’s of the body. They have also likely been reproducing for many, many years…and you have been living with it silently and often without symptoms (that is how unbelievable the body is-WOW!). The worst part about discovering you have cancer, is the way it is approached by the medical community. It is often told to you in a “you’re going to die” way, usually followed by either a list of toxic and dangerous drug/ radiation options with unpredictable success rates or some estimation about how much time is left before you expire, like old milk. I don’t know about you, but I certainly cannot predict with any certainly, when someone’s cells will die off, no matter how many health degrees I have shining under my belt. Regardless of how much you’ve studied, or how many fancy machines exist, no one can predict what mother nature and the incredible power of the human body have in store for us. Can anyone logically say that you have only 3 months to live, or 6, IT’S A TOTAL GUESS AT BEST..and a depressing one at that!

Do not ever let a diagnosis paralyze you or make you give up on life. The human constitution is extremely resilient and many people all over the world have reversed their cancer by simply changing their lifestyles drastically. I have been to an institute and seen it with my own eyes! People die from cancer when they have given up the fight.

So what about Chemo and radiation? I don’t mean to sound condescending but by understanding what cancer actually is, I find the concept of these two treatment methods barbaric. Chemotherapy is simply put: chemical therapy. There have never been more toxic and acidic drugs ever invented than those used in cancer treatment. The concept behind Chemo is a noble one, it’s hypothesis is that since cancer cells are bad, we should poison them to death. Attack them with the strongest most damaging and acid drugs until they simply cannot survive! Well guess what, by introducing chemo into the body, the healthy cells which are alkaline are the first to die, this is why white blood cells drop dangerously even after the first dose and the immune system crashes. Trillions of healthy cells have either died or turned cancerous in defense to these acid drugs by the time the previous cancer cells are even affected. You are killing the best first! That is counterproductive to the whole concept of how the body heals!! It simply does not make scientific sense!?!? Most of the time people die after their predicted 3-6 months because they chose to do chemical treatments and their already acidic or low oxygen chemical body could not handle it. When the whole body turns overly acid, not enough healthy cells remain to oppose the cancer and metastasis (spreading) occurs, eventually leading to death.

About radiation? I cannot even get started. Let’s just say that it is bad to stand in front of a microwave, it is bad to be close to a bomb that detonates and it is dangerous to be too close to the suns radiation. Why on God’s green earth would you put potent radiation lasers directly into certain organs of your body? The free-radicals and damage produced by this bizarre choice of treatments far outweigh any possible benefits of ‘zapping’ the already toxic cancer cells. I ask you, if radiation was such a ‘life-saver’ why the hell did everyone freak out so much about the Fukushima spill??!! These treatments often set the body up for more virulent and aggressive cancer later on.

It’s getting late and I will do a follow up article soon about how to reverse cancer in detail by following an alkaline and oxygen-rich lifestyle. For now I hope this helped shine some light on a topic that is surrounded by false information, the result of which sends many innocent people to early graves. Knowledge is the best weapon and do not give up your right to be healthy and disease-free. Diagnoses are depressing, knowing what you can do to kiss them goodbye is exhilaratingly empowering.

For legal reasons, and because I don’t need any angry big Pharma on my tail: The contents of this article are based on the knowledge I have personally acquired and my personal opinion through life experience and I am proud to state that I am not a conventional Doctor! ( Halululia!)

Brittany Auerbach

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