Beauty Care

Natural Ways to Achieve Health and Beauty

We all have bad days. We live in a fast-paced world, one that is purely unsympathetic to our personal needs and does not always allow us the rest we deserve. Over time, this grueling lifestyle can ravage one’s health, resulting in a little less energy, vitality and “luster” in our […]

Is sunscreen killing both the environement and mankind??

Today’s conventional sunscreens contain many toxic and potent synthetic chemicals that can severely alter our normal hormone balance, while also exposing us to large doses of heavy metals. The same ingredients that supposedly ‘block’ the suns UV rays are also powerful endocrine disruptors that have been linked to severe hormone […]

Natural Alternatives to Sunscreen: Healthy, safe and Effective ways to protect your skin from burning while enhancing your Vitamin D production and building your tolerance to the sun.

A friend called me last night, after reading my recent blogs, inquiring about safe alternatives to sunscreen and ways to protect his very sensitive skin from burning while out in the sun. I realize that this is a pretty serious issue for many people, especially for those who are fair, […]