Healing Foods

Is Fruit Hindering your Healing?

Is our modern fruit making us sick? There is so much debate about whether or not fruits help the healing process. The Frugivore diet is getting some heat these days, when celebs like Ashton Kutcher became sick after consuming only fruits for a month. There are so many mixed views […]

3 Best Reasons to go Raw and Why!

There is so much conflicting health and food information out there and it’s always so confusing! I am a bit of a dietary chameleon, I am always learning and tweaking my diet to ‘test and see’ what diets or foods work better than other’s in supplying me with a pain-free […]

Eating 101: The 5 Best Rules to Eating!

I have mentioned a bit about the whole ‘Hippocrates way’ and how wonderful my program is, but  the biggest question I had as I began my foray into health learning, and that most people are the most confused about, is what the hell should we actually be eating? Anyone with IC, or any other condition, […]

My Life Tranformed in 3 weeks!

I mentioned in my last posts that I was heading to South Florida to complete  21 day life transformation program offered at Hippocrates health institute and that is just what I did. It was a hectic few weeks, filled with dozens of intriguing lectures and many ‘detox’ ups and downs. […]

Hipppocrates Health Institute: Here I Come!!

I am elated to share with you that I have been given the incredible opportunity to attend Hippocrates health institute for their 3 week life transformation program! This Institute provides, in my opinion, the ideal healing environment for those looking to have a whole body recovery experience. I have longed […]

Refined Sugar: Our legal Heroin?

Most of us wake up, innocently grabbing a glass of boxed orange juice or (eesh!) even a glass of pop. We jump in our cars and leisurely drive to Tim Horton’s or Starbuck’s drive-through and order our regular ‘Large double doubles’ and a muffin or doughnut. We get to the office […]

Breakfast of Champions!!

Canadian Organic Wild Blueberry Quinoa (serves 4) 1 cup cooked quinoa 1 cup frozen organic wild Canadian blueberries (thawed for 12 minutes or overnight in fridge) 1 tsp of real Quebec maple syrup to drizzle over (NO, table syrup is not acceptable!!) Sprinkle of cinnamon Mix warm quinoa with thawed […]