History of Food & Nutrition

Who Wins: Mother Nature vs Man-made Modern Medecine

With so much confusion surrounding the whole: Conventional vs Natural medicine debate, I thought I’d share some personal insight. “The best way to be healthy is to avoid all man-made foods (processed/GMO etc). No matter how ego-driven or experimentally-creative man can be, his narrow intelligence simply cannot rival that of […]

The Alkaline diet for health: Miracle or Myth

The importance of ‘alkalizing’ your diet! The word alkaline seems to be bombarding health news and communities lately; alkaline foods regimes and lifestyles are getting a ton of attention, but with all of the conflicting information available surrounding nutrition and diet, it is really hard to know what we are […]

The Dangers of Eating Pork!!

    Pork and its link to cirrhosis of the liver!! If you have doubted or questioned becoming a vegan, there is yet another meat-related controversy surrounding the consumption of pork that might provide one more reason to switch to a vegetal diet. Over the last decade, we have all heard […]

So Exactly What Type of Animal Are We?

As a student of Naturopathy and an opinionated health enthusiast, I am often gushing about some new miracle food that I never realized was so beneficial or about how to tweak our lifestyles to gain that extra bit of vitality. The most common question I hear people asking is what […]