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Is sunscreen killing both the environement and mankind??

Today’s conventional sunscreens contain many toxic and potent synthetic chemicals that can severely alter our normal hormone balance, while also exposing us to large doses of heavy metals. The same ingredients that supposedly ‘block’ the suns UV rays are also powerful endocrine disruptors that have been linked to severe hormone […]

Sprite? A Hangover Cure?!

This article made headlines several weeks ago, which I’m certain caused many people to happily cheer and run to the closest convenience store to indulge their guilt ridden love for soda pop because ‘Hey’!-a bunch of men in white lab coats say it’s actually good for me!’ Interestingly, a new […]

What’s in your toothpaste?

Sugars in our diet promote acid producing bacteria in our mouths which in turn erode tooth enamel and cause dum dum dum….TOOTH DECAY! Dental authorities have championed for decades the health benefits of brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste against nasty tooth decay and cavity formation. Twice a day, is the touted recipe! Brush in the morning and at night before bed, and embrace tooth health heaven! And sure enough, following this protocol along with the onset of the fluoridation of our water supply and our toothpastes , the number of cavities decreased! Easy math right?

Why juicing can save your health!

As recently posted, I had my official mobile juice bar launch today at O Way Organic Salon and so I thought it was only fitting that I mention a bit about my motivation for starting this small family business. I am so passionate about what my sister and I are […]

A true Montreal organic Haven, O-Way Salon!!

Anyone who knows me for more than a day is quickly made aware of my insatiable desire to pamper myself.  I have always believed that how we feel plays as big a role in our overall health and is as undeniably important as what we consume.  Armed with this belief […]