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The 8 Rules to Ultimate Health

the 8 rules continued… Rule number 5 is Exercise:  Yes, don’t be lazy… get moving! There is absolutely no excuse not to exercise! Make it a priority! Most of us work, study, have children, deal with aging parents, have social lives and feel exhausted or busy. FIT IT IN, it […]

No More Meat Inspection in Canada!!!

How much do you really know about your meat? It is no secret that the majority of the food products we find in our supermarkets are lacking in their ability to promote health and vitality. This is apparent in today’s epidemic levels of chronic illness. We have long known that […]

Don’t canoodle me with those corn noodles!!

A recent experience of mine found me in a charming Italian eatery ordering off of the “healthy” gluten free menu in Florida. Armed with a health intention, I chose what I believed to be a nutritious and healthy option and what I received was a UFO (unidentified feasting object).  Sitting […]

Great News for the Organic Community!

I recently started working again after a year and a half battle with Interstitial Cystitis. I am thoroughly impressed with my new place of employment and the new ‘organic’ concept that they are launching in order to better serve the health of their clients. I have thus decided to write […]