The Dangers of Eating Pork!!

    Pork and its link to cirrhosis of the liver!!

If you have doubted or questioned becoming a vegan, there is yet another meat-related controversy surrounding the consumption of pork that might provide one more reason to switch to a vegetal diet. Over the last decade, we have all heard about the potential dangers of consuming commercial animal products due to antibiotic and growth hormone residues in the meat, but it may be time to notice how all sources of animal protein today seem to be offering increasing levels of danger to its consumers.

From the pollution of our oceans resulting in mercury and plastic containing fish to the unsanitary living conditions of commercially raised chickens, it is getting harder for the average person to know whether the food we make will be providing nourishment or toxic loads to our families.  With red meat having the age long- bad rep as being “heart-unfriendly”, we now have to wonder if pork, the “other-other” white meat is actually more detrimental than beef.

Is the pork we are eating causing liver cirrhosis at a similar rate to that of consuming excessive alcohol? An article written in March 2012, by Dr. Joseph Mercola, addresses several factors about pork consumption that could be causing liver damage and toxicity.  There is the obvious fact that most of all pork products we consumer are processed, such as smoked ham, cold cuts, bacon and sausages. These products contain high levels of nitrate preservatives which are known carcinogens and can contribute to the development of liver cancer. In addition, processed pork ingredients are often heated to extremely high temperatures for prolonged periods of time resulting in the production of hundreds harmful free radicals that are known to wreak havoc on health, particularly liver health.

So what if we consume fresh pork? Fresh pork poses several risks of its own. Due to the “scavenger-like” feeding tendencies of pigs, they will consume even dead or diseased animals in addition to their commercial grain feed and all of the ingested toxins become meat on their bones, and later on, the meat on our plates. It is widespread knowledge that the seeds and grains routinely fed to all commercially raised animals are corn, soy or barley derivatives. The consumption of these types of grains and seed oils, contribute to a drastic increase in the omega 6 levels in the animals, and their meat. Omega 6 fatty acids are responsible for inflammatory responses within the body, leading to increased inflammation and damage to the liver. To make matters worse, these crops are often genetically modified (GMO’s), the long-term consumption of which has not been tested for health in human or animal consumption.  When asked about whether organic or natural pork was a better option he stated; “I can’t even safely recommend consuming pasture-raised pork” due to the many risks involved in all pork consumption.

With the eternal tampering of our food supply, It would be false to state that even vegetal consumption is always safe, however based on the increasing number or studies and information available on the dangers  of eating animal food, it sure does look less risky.

Most of what enters our body is beyond our control, we breathe pollutants with every breath and are exposed to thousands of toxins every day. At the end of the day, the food we consume is one of few things we can control. Choosing the right food can give us the foundation and strength we need to combat disease, gain boundless energy and achieve our most vibrant health.




  1. After this I’m giving up my yearly penchant for the traditional “baked ham for the holiday’s”…… Already not an advocate of animal protein, this adds just one more to the list…. Follow one’s system I say, and as our digestive one is curtailed to a more vegetal diet, so it should be…. Life is short and worth living well, so for information that puts us more firmly on that road, thanks once again for interesting and helpful data….


  2. As I’ve chosen to be an extremely rare consumer of meat to begin with… it is reading similar information to this that has just further prompted my decision to have a more vegetal diet. For all those reasons as well as the inhumane raising and slaughtering of these animals makes it easy to be turned off of eating meat. I definitly agree with you Jenn when you say life is short and worth living well… and with a healthier diet comes a more energy-filled vital life so thanks yet again Britt for such intersting articles!

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