Day 5 of my juice fast! Really starting to feel a bit down.

Every time I fast, I always forget how tough it gets during detox. I spent a good part of the day bawling like a baby about how crappy I feel and how the little glutton in me wants food. It requires a ton of dedication and commitment to not eat while your family makes 3 delicious smelling meals a day in your face!

It’s also pretty alienating for the first little while as you tend to stay in a lot and conserve energy. This is hard in the summer while everyone is out on terraces and having fun without you. It really helps to remember that there are people starving all over the world and to remind yourself that you are doing GOOD for your body, that your cells are actually happy you put down that primavera! I also remind myself how very sick I was a few years ago and that through 2 years of some pretty serious deprivation and stringent lifestyle I was able to heal myself! That is some powerful stuff! If I can eat nothing but celery sticks, juices and raw nuts for 2 years, I can surely juice cleanse for 7 days!

Thanks for all the support guy’s, documenting my week and knowing that people are rooting for me is really helping me keep my commitment up, which tends to wane dramatically whenever my belly grumbles (which is a perma-problem these days)!

🙂 Britt

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