DCA-A Cure for Cancer?

DCA-A Cure for Cancer?

It seems there is always some controversy surrounding pharmaceutical drugs. Often it is the integrity of the giant corporations themselves being questioned; other times the potentially dangerous side effects of their products. We have all seen the commercials where a drug promises to cure diarrhea while the possible side effects are lung failure, cardiac abnormalities, hepatitis and going blind. I don’t know about you, but those options would make me happy to only be suffering some good old fashioned diarrhea!

My sister recently sent me an interesting link to a CTV report on an old drug called DCA (Dichloroacetic acid) and how it was recently linked to impressively reducing cancer tumors within 3 weeks of treatment. If this study is proof that this drug can potentially cure many cancers quickly, this is a huge breakthrough in science, it is what we have been waiting for…isn’t it?

Well, not quite. Since the drug is old and no longer patentable, big drug companies are not going to fund any further research that would bring this ‘cancer cure’ into public supply where it can dramatically save lives. I am not a believer in synthetic drugs to begin with and my faith in the conventional medical system died a sudden death while dealing with doctors during my own illness, but many people trust the medical community with their health and the lives of their loved ones.

This reality is scary, the people in charge of coming up with the cures and treatments to our diseases will only approve or support products that put money in their own pockets, regardless of how many lives can be saved, or how many of our loved ones are lost. This debate is not simply about this particular drug, but regards all of the potential ‘cures’ that may have been discovered and were unjustifiably discarded. This is about realising that those who we have been trusting with our health do not care about our health at all. These companies seek profitability and in fact make more money off of our sustained illness than our healing. It is simply unsafe to therefore rely on profit generating companies that carry such obviously debatable value systems.

If we have ever needed more substantiation that our current health care system is in need of some serious scrutiny this video openly highlights it.

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  1. It is “consumer beware”!!!! We all need to be aware of our existing over-the -top chemical burden as it currently exists, fueled by corporate industries sanctioned to continue this trend.
    As one such industry, the pharmaceutical industry represents a large presence in our lives, one we grew up trusting, but one that we must also recognize for its negative burden on our health.

    The human body is a natural organism, best curtailed to being naturally supported in all ways, so the introduction and chronic escalating usage of chemicals in our environment, on our food, air and water supply, and as our “medication” for healing, has shown in full scale its deleterious effects on our health and well-being over decades now, as we have become increasingly sicker, and at all ages….

    And we will continue to spiral out of control, causing unmitigated harm to ourselves, our planet, and all in it, if we don’t act…act to have a voice, to demand limits, to take the matter of our health and welfare back into our own hands.

    Knowledge is power, and power is strength, and strength in numbers is a moving , notable, and changing force…..
    It’s time to self-educate, and to protect and serve…. ourselves, our children, the generations to come…

    To information, it’s use, and its ability to evoke change…
    Thanks for the continuing enlightenment, Britt….may you be well….

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