Eating 101: The 5 Best Rules to Eating!

I have mentioned a bit about the whole ‘Hippocrates way’ and how wonderful my program is, but  the biggest question I had as I began my foray into health learning, and that most people are the most confused about, is what the hell should we actually be eating? Anyone with IC, or any other condition, knows that there are always several nutritional changes that need to be made in order to heal successfully. We don’t often hear of many people curing their illnesses by binge-eating pizza and guzzling cola like it’s pure water in the desert, even if that would be the ideal world! In reality, it takes time and consistency with an appropriate lifestyle to really reverse the lifelong acquired toxic burden, severe nutritional deficiencies and the many diseases that come along with them.

I now follow a set of rules that I had never even considered before, even though I was following a ‘healthy’ diet and exercise program. It is not just about what you eat, but WHEN you eat it, what you eat with it, and how you digest and absorb it. This sounds complicated but I’ll break it down. There are a few basic rules to eating respectfully for your body and in order to respect your health and your digestive system they are necessary.

#1 is not drinking water or fluids at least 30 mins. before, and 1.5 hrs. after you eat!! This dilutes gastric juices and enzymes, making your body work so much harder to digest, often leaving behind plenty of undigested food to basically rot in your intestines (becoming food for the undesirables, and yes we all have them!). I know, what about if you’re thirsty??!! Well the truth is, sometimes you will feel a bit thirsty after your meal and waiting 1.5hrs can be a pain in the butt, but your body will thank you. Just think of how delicious that cool water will feel trickling down your throat 90 minutes later, when you have been pinning for it so long! Plus, you should be eliminating, or at least cutting salt consumption down, making the whole process even easier. Even quality salts such as sea salt cause electrolyte imbalances and change the way your cells naturally rotate, throwing off your synergistic energy balance. It is also important to consider that since this program is designed for vegans and most of your diet consists of sprouts and raw veggies, you are already consuming about 85% of your diet in water anyway, so I assure you, you will not shrivel like a prune and dehydrate to death because you have to go without fluid for a couple of hours!

#2 is CHEW YOUR FOOD! Remember, you are not ‘washing’ your meals down with any liquids, making it easy to swallow abnormally large chunks of incompletely chewed food down your gullet, as most of us are used to. You actually have to masticate properly. This means, no chowing quickly, aggressively or forcefully. This is not a race. Chewing mindfully and appreciating the taste and textures of your foods will go a long way in making you feel satisfied, minimizing the likelihood of you over-eating, or indulging in sweets. Taking your time allows the enzymes in your saliva the chance to begin the digestive process in a powerful way. Every ounce of energy you save your digestive system will be more extra vital life force circulating that goes to your inner healing and cleansing.

#3 Combine food properly. This includes no mindless eating, eat only when you are hungry! This means, put down that bag of chips with the bean dip, sour cream and guacamole and who on earth invented the peanut butter, jelly sandwich?! Talk about assault on your poor body, and I don’t just mean the choice of foods! Proper food combining is essential if you want to maximize your digestive ability and decrease stress on your body. One easy guideline is never eat starches with proteins. Even if you are not a raw vegan, nut butter and toast, nacho’s and cheese or steak and fries are a BIG NO NO!  As proteins(nuts, seeds, meats) and starches( potatoes, yams,beans/legumes)  have different digestive hydrochloric needs, when mixed, neither of them gets digested properly or fully, creating strong acidity and decreasing overall oxygenation within the body. This sets up the perfect breeding ground for disease and cancers! With the exception of avocado and lemons, eat fruit alone. Do not mix fruits with vegetables or other foods( except in occasional juicing) and do not eat them after a meal as desert, unless it has been several hours as this will cause the food to ferment and putrefy in your gut, literally poisoning you from within. Melons should also not be mixed with other fruits. Do not eat high fat foods together. No nuts and avocados in the same salad and if you have avocado, do not use too much added oil. This overburdens the liver and causes blood coagulation and basically the ‘clumping’ of your blood cells, making proper circulation and oxygenation once again very difficult. Taking digestive enzymes is very beneficial for many people with digestive issues or weak pancreatic function and is absolutely necessary when eating cooked foods, as heating/processing destroys the life and enzymes naturally present in the food. Eating dead food transfers toxins to your body, whereas eating food that is alive will transfer energy and life to your cells.

#4 AVOID ALKALOIDS. This means no more coffee, alcohol, most drugs/ meds and cigarettes. These substances are not only all poisons in their unique ways, they also devastatingly threaten the proper PH balance of the body. These substances are alkaloids meaning that they are alkali-like and pose as alkaline substances in the body, while actually being acidic in nature. This is very dangerous as they trick your body into thinking it is in an alkaline state,  basically deactivating your natural ability to regulate your  inner PH, while underhandedly acidifying you. It’s a way of disarming you from protecting yourself. This explains why these substances temporarily make us feel ‘good’ but when they wear off, we feel much worse than when we started and we seek consuming them again, hence their addictive qualities. Put your arguments and justifications aside and cut these poisons out of your life and body. There are more live and utilizable antioxidants in a handful of blueberries than there are in a whole bottle of wine…Just saying!

#5 Always forgive yourself. As much as we need to know what and how to eat, it is even more important to have peace and balance. We are all human and no one, not even the most dedicated of souls will eat 100% perfectly all the time, especially in the beginning! It’s okay if you try going raw vegan and slip up horribly, attacking a rib eye like it’s the last morsel of food around or eat a whole tray of homemade date squares ( jeez they were made with organic coco palm sugar okay!!!) you always have tomorrow to reverse it and get back on track. As long as you do the very best you can every single day and respect your own psychological and emotional limitations, you will succeed. Don’t be too hard on yourself and do not become overwhelmed or depressed over all that you ‘cannot have anymore’. It’s about balance and every little change you make for the better will bring you one step closer to achieving your health goals. Simply try and your body will be grateful. We are all wonderful people with powerful abilities to heal and it’s important to get in touch with what you can do and what will work for you both mentally and physically for any successful lifestyle modifications. These changes should excite you, make you hopeful for the future and increase your well-being. Establish your goals and focus on them. Keep your eye on those jeans you want to rock in the summer, the clear skin you know you have beneath the toxic markers or that pain-free existence you desperately long for and it will be yours. Most of all listen to your mind, your spiritual needs and your bodies signals. We are so much more amazing than we realize.



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