Fresh Home-made Coconut Milk

Saturday morning I decided to make a smoothie. Felt like something creamy. So first I made unsweetened fresh coconut milk using dried organic coconut flesh and filtered water. Making your own nut milks as smoothie bases are a great way to avoid unwanted preserving agents or chemical residues that are all to often found in store bought versions.

You need:

2 cups of dried coconut flesh or shredded coconut (organic if possible)
3-4 cups of good quality water (filtered, distilled)
Throw in a blender or food processor
Blend on med to high for several minutes, until liquid is milky white.

Note: For a smooth texture after blending, you can use a press (hydraulic, cheese) or a nut bag/cheese cloth to strain out the remaining coconut flesh. This gets you that rich creamy consistency that we all look for and love in coco milk!

Happy drinking!