Hair feathers: A safe Affordable Natural Alternative to Chemical highlights!

feather pic Call it curiosity, boredom or just plain vanity, but I am always searching for natural, non-invasive alternatives to our most popular beauty products and procedures. I feel that in order to truly thrive in life, one must feel satisfied in who they are, this includes in part being happy with our appearance. I am a woman, and like most females, I enjoy getting pampered or playing around with different looks. Everyone likes to get spruced up every now and then and most of us seek physical change in times of difficult emotional transitions or sudden life traumas. It helps us to identify the new person we desire to be and helps empower us to get there. Whether it is a change in hair color following a career swap, growing a gangster ‘Ron Burgundy’ ‘stache after your favorite comedy or going to the that pole dance class to lose a few pounds after a breakup; we need these things for mental health, to identify with our life choices and to express our unique selves to those around us. So feel guilty no longer my friends, get out there and get dazzled-up!

The latest in my new favorite beauty regiments are hair feathers. These all-natural feathers are placed in the hair by tiny clips similar to hair extensions and remain in place many months, until your hair grows out or you chose to have them removed. The whole procedure (placement and removal) is very quick, completely painless and more affordable than your average highlights, leaving your original silken locks in perfect condition. Plus you get to keep the feathers you buy for later use! I love these because they can simulate hair highlight without drying, damaging or permanently changing  your natural hair color with the use of toxic, synthetic chemicals. I just had my feather highlights done last night by my special ‘feather lady’ miss Sonia Dorda ( Feel free to contact her via FB if you are interested in plating around with your look.

Remember, your appearance is only a very small part of what makes you beautiful. True beauty is health, love, vitality and joy emitting from within. Do not become consumed with your imperfections and never compare yourself with others. It is important to strive to be the best you can be in all aspects of your life, but remember, you are measured only against yourself and your own expectations of who you know you can be.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it” -Confucius





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