Why juicing can save your health!

As recently posted, I had my official mobile juice bar launch today at O Way Organic Salon and so I thought it was only fitting that I mention a bit about my motivation for starting this small family business. I am so passionate about what my sister and I are creating with our new juicing concept and am really excited about sharing with others what I believe to be one of the single most beneficial steps anyone can take in improving their health: juicing raw live foods.


The tremendous benefits of drinking organic, fresh juices, particularly vegetable juices, are well documented. The nutrient rich liquid extracted from fresh produce is the most alkaline, nourishing, hydrating and easily assimilated food on the planet.  Perhaps the most impressive advantage that juicing offers is that it supplies your body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements while demanding virtually no energy expenditure by the digestive tract. Almost every human action or process, even the ‘good’ ones, are an energy trade-off. You exercise to get fitter and healthier, but you have used up a lot of energy, have lost electrolytes through sweating and have created acid in your body from the activity, now needing minerals to neutralize it. You eat to get nutrition and energy but first your body has to utilize energy to chew your food, to produce the numerous enzymes and digestive juices required for proper assimilation, and only then can it use these nutrients to fuel your body and heal your tissues. Juicing is basically bypassing the whole digestive process, giving you ready to use fuel and demanding absolutely nothing in return but a few minutes of ‘fresh-pressing’ (or swinging by our juice bar). This is so wonderful for those who are battling disease because anyone who has any type of illness is already struggling with insufficient vital energy. Vital energy is vitality which is the virtual opposite of illness. The extra energy you save, by ‘consuming food’ without requiring ‘digestive work’ goes to healing your illness, and the juice fuels your cells perfectly to do the job!

I want to start by saying that my motivation for starting this business is very personal. This is not just your average endeavor to make money and I am not interested in gauging anyone. My goal is to make healthy living and ultimate healing affordable and accessible to EVERYONE (who is interested of course!). I was a very sick girl and suffered tremendous pain and terrifying symptoms while I spent almost 2 years battling a horrible disease that left me feeling, no exaggeration that I was on the brink of death. It was a very scary time and in my desperation, I spent a lot of money on scams and gimmicks, which left me no-more healthy and totally financially broken.  I believe that the hourly rates that most private Doctors, Naturopaths and holistic physicians charge are horrendous (no offense!) and I feel that a lot of ‘juicing’ has become a fad and does not center around true health. Many juicing/ health spa’s that claim to help cure diseases may be wonderful but are often financially inaccessible to most of us. This is one of the single largest crimes against humanity: that we simply cannot afford to get well without indebting ourselves or jeopardizing the entire financial security of our families. Too many bull-sh*t people try to sell useless products to vulnerable people and it’s beyond awful. Incorporating regular juicing into my lifestyle gave me the huge health ‘boost’ that I needed and basically changed my life, without crushing my wallet. For the cost of a large Starbucks latte (and double the energy gain) you can now buy yourself a freshly pressed, local (as much as possible), delicious, enzyme rich, nutrient dense, ecologically friendly, entirely organic juice filled with love and the very best of intentions.

So what exactly are we doing with ‘living juices’ and how are we different than every other juice bar in Montreal? Other than the fact that we are a mobile juice bar, meaning we can do health inspired events such as yoga parties, exercise classes, or personal events, we do on the spot, fresh and ALWAYS organic juices. We are formulating juice combo’s that are specifically designed to support the body in triggering the inner healing ability while providing ultimate nutrient absorption. Our synergistically crafted juices are basically super-drinks because we include different sprouts, such as alfalfa, clover, fenugreek, broccoli and sunflower, which are shock-full of living enzymes, easily absorbed amino acids and offer the benefit of being 10-30% more nutritious that fully grown vegetables, even the power-veggies like kale and chard (which we also include). I went into Naturopathy because of my love and belief in a lifestyle-based way of healing and with our holistic nutrition background, we aim to personalize our juices not just to satisfy your palate, but to meet you particular health needs and offer you the greatest chance of healing success!  (Plus we offer fun seasonal and refreshing summer drinks that will make even the most hesitant of children guzzle them with glee!)


From the bottom of my heart and with the energy and pride that has gone into bringing Living Juices to life, I would like to invite everyone who does not already juice regularly at home, to bring your body to life and come try a sample. I promise, your cells will thank you!


*We will be at O Way organic salon on Sherbrooke in Westmount, between Grey and Claremont tomorrow from 11-3 and at Fleurs Sauvages health food store on Monkland, corner Orchard on Sunday from 12-4. Cheers!



  1. Absolutely wonderful concept !!!! A much needed addition to the health and welfare of all who will wisely help to support and promote such a unique idea…..! Congratulations in your endeavor and many thanks for your ongoing efforts towards better health and longevity for all ….. ! May you have every success in promoting this, in which you so much believe…..

  2. Hello

    I bought your smoothie book and did not make it through the whole week however I was looking at your 3 day juice fast. I have hashimotos/ adrenal fatigue and when I juice, my blood sugar tends to swing or atleast I think that is what is going on but it could be adrenal swirly head. I am wondering if you think this would pass over time or if I should avoid altogether. I have watched alot of your videos and you say it is good for everyone in order to heal. I find I do well with protein early in the morning. WIll I get this from juicing alone? any feedback would be appreciated. THanks, Carla. (By the way, I love your passion with regards to health)?

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