My IC Story – Part 4



My return to Montreal found me knocking down the door of a local Naturopath known to specialize in mercury detoxification. Multiple tests ensued; the analysis of if I maintained food allergies, abnormal hormone levels and where my heavy metal load was at. The results took about three weeks. Not only did the results confirm that I indeed had dangerously high levels of mercury in my body but that I was also suffering from toxic levels of aluminum, titanium and copper. Many of the everyday products and foods that our population consumes contain traces of a range of heavy metals such as titanium, copper, aluminum and nickel. We absorb these toxins continuously without realizing that we are slowly and unknowingly poisoning ourselves. Titanium mainly takes the form of oxides found in cosmetics and beauty products, copper appears in most food and its toxicity is usually the result of zinc deficiency. Aluminum is used abundantly as a flocculation agent in tap water, in baking goods and powders, foil and in vaccinations as a replacement preservative to the controversial Thimerosal which contains mercury.

I attempted chelation therapy with DMSA to try and purge metals from my body, and ended up in a detox crisis that landed me in the ER again with my mother flying home to care for me. Chelation therapy is basically the use of a chelating agent to remove metals from the body. After assessment of my heavy metal levels, I was put on DMSA (dimercaptosuccinic) capsules, every three hours, in an attempt to eliminate my high levels of metals. This particular drug removes metals through the kidneys and urine. This process of elimination severely affected my bladder leaving it raw and searing. Due to my current state of toxicity, my body was unable to cope with the sudden large release of mercury and I suffered debilitating detox symptoms such as vomiting, near-fainting, sweating and a vicious migraine. I truly felt as though I was going to die. I reached out to my regular Doctor, who would not even acknowledge that I had mercury poisoning and disregarded my test results, claiming they were non-conclusive. I had been prescribed the DMSA by a Naturopath.

I studied every possible piece of information about mercury. My relentless investigating gave way to a link between amalgam fillings (50% mercury), root canals and illness. Amalgam or ‘silver’ fillings contain 50% mercury and are mixed with other toxic metal alloys such as nickel, tin and copper. Due to the warm environment of our mouths, fillings (aka dental restorations) have been scientifically proven to leach about 17mcg of mercury per tooth into the human bloodstream every single day. Continual doses of toxic metal percolating into the body can paralyse cells and disintegrate the myelin sheath (the electrically insulating layer of our brain neurons) paving the way for the development of neurodegenerative diseases such as MS, ALS and Alzheimers.

I was shocked and appalled to discover that most root canals (of which I had 3) tested positive for containing anaerobic toxic superbugs that were untreatable by antibiotics as there is no blood flow to the tooth . When a root canal procedure is performed, the inner chamber or root of the tooth is drilled out in order to be filled with an antibacterial material and then closed with a filling. The problem is that within each tooth, around the root, there are millions of tiny tubes called dentin tubules, they are much too small and plentiful to ever be able to be cleaned out properly and the antibacterial material used to disinfect the dead tooth is too viscous to reach all of the narrow chambers, leaving some live tissue behind to-for a lack of a better word-decompose. This rotten tissue becomes infected, as it is no longer receiving a blood supply, transforming into the ideal breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. These pathogens grow and produce toxic by-products that are flushed into the human blood stream through the action of masticating. The issue is that based on the anatomy of our teeth (in that no blood reaches them), they are unable to receive white blood cells from the immune system to fight any infection that may develop and/or persist there. Sadly, the humimmune system does not recognize if an infection occurs in an ‘inaccessible’ area, and so still continues to respond by sending out fleets of white blood cells. This persistent act of ‘attempting to heal’ eventually leads to the taxation and severe depletion of the immune system, which can lead to failure of all immune function. Please note that root canal therapy is the only medical procedure where it is accepted to leave dead human tissue in a living body.This newly acquired knowledge left me desperate to remove my root canals, and so I hastened to a holistic dentist (holistic dentistry is the industry’s finest for tooth/root canal extraction) who proceeded to ‘un-do’ all of my previous dental work. I had all three root canals exan tracted within a 48 hour period. Amazingly yet unsurprisingly, all three had infections. I knew I had made the right decision-particularly since I noticed an immediate improvement in my health . Within 24 hours, I felt significantly less dizzy and faint however the process of recovering from my dental work, in addition to my heavy metal burden and IC with associated symptoms ie. endless palpitations, left me praying for reprieve. I was still suffering from elevated fatigued, confusion, disorientation and paranoia (from the mercury). I was not even sure I had the mental clarity to adequately assemble the information that I was reading and felt as though I was on the verge of a complete mental breakdown. I became really scared that I was going to die before I would be able to help myself.

I had been to see two different Naturopaths, and spoken to many more over the phone over the months leading up to my mercury crisis and felt utterly disheartened by their lack of understanding or knowledge about IC and my many health problems. After months of chronic research, I truly felt as though I knew more about my disease than they did. My father had seen a Naturopathic Doctor in his youth for his own health problems, and it had really helped him, so my parents sought out his help on my behalf as a last minute resort. I will never forget this man’s kindness in taking me on as a client even though he was newly retired. He spent hours of his weekends sitting in an office with me, watching me cry and learning everything he could about my situation. He ran many ‘free’ tests for me and spent many hours on the phone listening to my multitude of complaints and questions. This Doctor introduced me to a new way of looking at disease and at the healing of my body. With his guidance; I began to see miraculous changes in my health. I instantly stopped all drastic ‘detox’ methods, and focused rather on trying to support my body nutritionally while allowing it to rebuild itself at its own pace. I did not need to consult with him for very long, but there is no doubt that what I learned and taken from him will be cherished forever.

Following this new-found ‘philosophy’, I was so inspired by my improved health that I began to look into taking the Naturopathic course offered by his school. More reading led me to discover the importance of Ph. balance in the body and the benefit of following an alkaline lifestyle. Within a few short months my bladder symptoms had decreased by 60% and my palpitations were few and very far between. I was filled with hope, excitement and finally felt this certitude that I would eventually be 100% back to myself! I began preaching my newfound knowledge to my friends and family, and have watched as they too began seeing improvements in their personal health.  I started stepping back out into the world and by summertime I was re-connecting with family and friends and starting to feel like a normal person again. I was doing so well; even able to make the trip with my mother back to Florida, to spend my grandfather’s last days with him. For that I will always be grateful. I knew I had finally broken the glass ceiling; I was racing towards claiming my life back. I knew I was headed in the right direction and that the worst was far behind me.