Best Natural Face Mask for Acne, Exfoliation and Glowing Skin!!


Look at that pout!
Look at that pout!

I was recently given a gift of ‘ORE’ dead sea mud mask (oh yes that adorable little raven faced goddess up top is me!). I had never heard of it, but being curious as I am and adoring to pamper myself as I do (please! after a year and a half of crying in my bathtub with IC, I totally deserve it!) no one had to force me to start using it regularly. As anyone who has seen the scary sight of me makeup-less right after washing my pasty face in the dry wintertime can attest, I have some pretty funny looking freckle-looking acne scars on my chin and forehead. Thanks to my deliciously dark olive skin (yes, this comment makes me feel better about it all!), I scar easily. Basically every little scratch, pimple, gust of wind or splash of water touching my face leaves a new ‘freckle’ that never seems to fade. I mean, I still have three perfectly defined brown parallel lines on my arm from the time I drunkenly leaned up against my parent’s barbeque grill while I attempted to sear a beefy steak for my friends at 3 am when I was 15…12 years ago…not my finest moment, but one that will stay with me (and on me) forever! So moving along,  the point of all of this rambling being…

That my friends…this random clay mask ended up being one of my acne-scar saviors (the others are fresh lemon juice, raw Apple cider vinegar and an egg white mask once per week). OK, I obviously need a life, have a bit too much time on my hands and should probably not be wasting organic egg whites on my skin. That being said,  I have finally found something that helps pull out and absorb nasty skin stains and pore-clogging undesirables…this crazy awesome, all natural and super fun mud mask from ORE! If you are feeling to indulge yourself and you are in the NDG/Westmount area, swing into OWAY organic salon (best spa/salon ever!) on Sherbrooke between Claremont and Prince Arthur, ask for Patricia and she will definitely have some heavenly clay for you! Also while you are there, do your hair the glorious favor of getting their homemade hot oil treatment, it will transform your crowning glory from stringy little friz mop to woven silk…at least something like that happened for me, maybe minus the silk and add a soft cotton result instead, but then again hey, there are no perfect miracles!


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