Healing Program

3 Month Written Program

Personalized Written 3 Month Healing Program

*This program is offered exclusively via email and payment must be processed via Paypal before we can set your program delivery date.

Written Program includes:

    • Detailed Medical Questionnaire and Health Background Analysis
      • An in-depth investigation into the root causes of your current health challenges
    • Thorough Assessment of Current Habits and Lifestyle
      • To Identify all possible roadblocks and addressing/correcting the negative factors that have impaired your healing
    • Learn what Vitamins, Minerals, Foods and Herbs are Best Suited to Correct Your Deficiencies
      • Identifying and replenishing your specific nutritional deficiencies is essential for your healing!
    • Personalized complete 3 month program to address your health challenges and support the body in healing from disease
      • Receive the most personalized and comprehensive healing program crafted to help promote your specific disease reversal and support your return to optimal health!
    • One email (with up to 5 questions) before starting the 3 month program
    • One follow-up email (with up to 5 questions) following completion of the 3 month program


      • My complete collection of e-books yours for free with purchase of the 3 Month Written Protocol
      • This Fully Loaded e-book Package (VALUED AT 197$!!) Includes:
      • Detailed Disease Reversal e-book with a 7 day Diet Plan and Recipes
      • Everything you need to know about Alkaline Food and Healing, Detox Modalities, Emotional Healing, Sleep Optimization, Breaking Bad Habits and More
      • Over 50+ Easy Alkaline, Delicious and Properly Combined, Mostly Plant-Based Healing Recipe
      • The Absolute BEST Desserts and Recipes for Healing
      • A 7 Day Detailed Detox Plan and Cleansing Guide with 25+ Optimal Healing Smoothies
      • 3 Day Complete Juicing Program to Eliminate Yeast and Help Heal the Gut Quickly

Personal Written 3 Month Healing Program + Free Bonus E-book Package: 395.00$ USD (+tax)

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Looking Forward to Working with You!
Montreal Healthy Girl


Please note that once purchased, healing programs are non-refundable. For all e-book purchase issues, please contact me within 15 days of your order date so I can address them for you!