Have you been suffering with chronic disease, poor gut health (dysbiosis, candida, parasites, food intolerance), debilitating symptoms (fatigue, pain), emotional stress (depression, anxiety, sleep issues, eating disorders), are struggling with your weight (over or under), or are simply feeling sub-optimal and are looking to improve your health and get back to feeling like your best self?

Then you are definitely in the right place, and if you feel like you’ve tried so many things without resolving your health challenges, are feeling overwhelmed, confused by all of the conflicting information out there, unsure of what the best diet/plan is for your specific situation or simply want to know what is going on in your body and what is the very best detailed blueprint dietary and lifestyle guide that you can follow to reclaim your health, then don’t feel discouraged, because we are a perfect fit!

I am so excited to work with you!

Working together will allow me to:

  • Fully analyze your health and medical and dental history
  • Explain your symptoms and why you are experiencing them
  • Assess your current diet as well as set you up with the best healing program and food recommendations to address your condition(s)
  • Optimize your gut health and help you re-establish a beneficial microbiome so that you can thrive and overcome food intolerance
  • Provide you with stress-coping mechanisms and lifestyle modification to overcome emotional struggles
  • Address and treat your nutritional deficiencies via the best supplements or foods
  • Empower and inspire you to take responsibility for your body and health so that you finally achieve the excellent health you deserve!

Your Personalized Written 3 Month Healing Program will include:

  1. Detailed medical history questionnaire that you must complete and return to me (available after program purchase)
  2. Health background and symptom Analysis
  3. An in-depth investigation into the root causes of your current health challenge(s)
  4. Thorough assessment of current habits and lifestyle
  5.  Identification of all possible roadblocks and addressing/correcting the negative factors that have impaired your healing
  6.  A complete list of the best vitamins, minerals, foods and herbs to correct your nutritional deficiencies (as well as links on where to find them)
  7. The best tips and tools for  your specific body to replenish your healthy intestinal bacteria safely and effectively
  8.  Your Personalized complete 3 month program about 8-10 pages of detailed content which include:
  • What I feel is causing your symptoms
  • What you can do to manage your symptoms while your body and health improve
  • Answers to your concerns and questions (the questions are provided by you in your completed questionnaire)
  • Your specialized tailored dietary and supplemental protocol
  • Any necessary detoxification protocols, cleanses or purifying regimens to speed your healing results
  • Example meal options
  • How much of each food group to eat to eat
  • Info on food combining, how to promote proper digestion and decrease inflammation
  • Links and videos that may be helpful for you, to emotionally, spiritually or physically thrive
  • Any and all lifestyle modification tools or recommendations I can think of that will help you recover as quickly as possible
  • This is an extremely comprehensive healing plan!


  1. One email (with up to 5 questions) before starting the 3 month program. You can send this to me once you receive your program package and in case you have any additional concerns, worries, fears or questions, I can help address them for you so that you can start your protocol with confidence!
  2. Another follow-up email (with up to 5 questions) that can be submitted following completion of the 3 month program. This is to assess your results, and so that I can help you determine the best next steps (modifying your program for long-term success) and ensuring you are set up with the best maintenance or continued healing plan after the 3 months is up!
  3. The option to upgrade your package to include a 30 minute Skype Q and A session for 249$+tax (following the receipt of your written program). This option is an additional service/bonus that is ONLY offered to those that I am already working with via written program and who have received and reviewed their complete written healing package!

Please note that I do not offer one-off Skype consultations unless we are already working together via written healing program. 


My complete collection of 5 e-books are yours for FREE with purchase of the 3 Month Written Protocol

  • This Fully Loaded e-book Package (VALUED AT 197$!!) Includes:
      • FULLY HEALED: A detailed disease reversal e-book with a 7 day meal plan and recipes, plus everything you need to know about alkaline food and healing, detox modalities/recipes, emotional healing techniques, sleep optimization, stress management, breaking bad habits and overcoming food addictions
      • FULLY NOURISHED: 50+ easy and alkaline, delicious and properly food-combined, mostly plant-based healing recipe (what I ate to reverse my own 4 chronic diseases!)
      • FULLY GUILT FREE: The absolute BEST desserts and healthfully indulgent recipes for your healing journey- you do not have to be miserable to heal, and self-love means enjoying safe and tasty treats every now and then!
      • 7 DAY SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE: A 7 day detailed detox and weight loss plan+ a cleansing guide with 25+ optimal healing smoothies
      • CANDIDA CLEANSER: A 3 day complete juicing program to eliminate fungal and yeast overgrowth to help heal the gut quickly!


  1. Purchase your complete healing package below
  2. You can now access the 5 ebook links to download (email my team here if you have trouble/need help accessing the ebooks
  3. Complete your health questionnaire available directly after purchase (or email my team here if you have trouble/need help accessing the form:
  4. Within 12-24 hours you will receive a purchase confirmation from me directly that I have received your payment (and medical form, if you have sent it)
  5. Once I receive your completed form, I will look through it and let you know if I have any additional clarification questions before I get started and will provide you with an exact program delivery date (sent via email)
  6. Program delivery date is typically between 3 and 5 business days after receiving your medical form
  7. Once you receive your comprehensive written program, you will need to THOROUGHLY go through it. Please be sure to read everything as I will provide you with detailed and precise information to follow for the best results.
  8. You now have a FREE email Q and A session, with 5 questions! So feel free to email me any clarification questions or any concerns you have about the program and I will be happy to address them for you before you get started!
  9. You now also have the option to upgrade your package with the additional 30 minute Skype session (249$+tax)- email my team here if you want to reserve/schedule it:
  10. Congratulations!!!! You are now officially ready to get started on your healing Journey!


Personal Written 3 Month Healing Program + Free Bonus E-book Package: 395.00$ USD (+tax)

  • Additional Q and A email services are available at for an additional fee.
  • Price is in US Currency
  • Your inquiry is very important to me! I want to accommodate you as quickly as I can and based on email volume it may take 2-5 business days to receive a response  from me or my team

Looking Forward to Working with You!

Brittany Auerbach n.d.
Montreal Healthy Girl


Please note that once purchased, healing programs are non-refundable. For all e-book purchase issues, please contact me within 15 days of your order date so I can address them for you!