Is sunscreen killing both the environement and mankind??

Today’s conventional sunscreens contain many toxic and potent synthetic chemicals that can severely alter our normal hormone balance, while also exposing us to large doses of heavy metals. The same ingredients that supposedly ‘block’ the suns UV rays are also powerful endocrine disruptors that have been linked to severe hormone imbalances, numerous cancers and many common health issues such as thyroid disease, infertility, diabetes and more. Chemicals in commercial varieties are washed off during ocean swimming and are causing serious oceanic repercussions, killing off coral and plankton, the very beginning food source to all aquatic life (a serious threat to all ocean living beings!). Furthermore sunscreens dangerous hormone altering chemicals are found in almost all human blood samples, all over the world and easily pass through the placenta, entering the precious embryo; damaging and blocking necessary fetal programming, jeopardizing future reproduction and generational survival. This means that sunscreen has the potential to cause irreversible damage to all future humans and life on this planet. What you are rubbing all over your skin each day is not protecting you from disease, but subjecting you to it, while causing dangerous chain reactions that we are only beginning to truly comprehend.

As if this weren’t scary-science-movie enough, most sunscreens contain either zinc or titanium oxides, usually both, and these are often found in toxic levels in our bodies after application. The metals themselves are toxic in oxide form, but because they are mainly added to block UV rays in fairly large amounts, they sit heavy on the skin, acting like a thick coating and being esthetically poor (We all know that white cakey isles paste zinc cream we rub on babies…need I say more!!) Since most of us would not like to walk around the beach looking pasty like ‘powder’, they add these metals in minuscule sized particles (about 1/5000’th the diameter of a human hair) so that they easily pass into skin cells and disappear within the body. This vanishing act is very problematic as this also makes them easily pass in and out of ALL cells, allowing these metals to cross cellular membranes and into the nucleus of critical cells where they damage DNA and disrupt normal cell division, skyrocketing our chances of developing cancer and other autoimmune diseases. These microscopic metal oxides find no resistance when they meet the blood brain barrier either and easily charge across, killing important brain cells, paving the way to many of our current neurological disorders such as MS, ALS, dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Since the whole point of wearing sunscreen in the first place is to be protected from the sun’s rays, this next point is especially alarming. Numerous chemical ingredients in sunscreen begin to photo degrade when exposed to sunlight, meaning they stop working as sunscreen and break down as soon as the sun hits them. Although this process is inevitable, the specific combinations used in commercial screens have a synergistic effect that actually increases the rate and speed at which this happens, so that after about 20 minutes, your sunscreen does not even protect you from the sun at all anymore and reapplication is required. This reapplying only worsens and continues this destructive process, while increasing our absorption and toxic exposure to these poisonous ingredients. Studies show that there is actually much less risk of skin cancer and much less harm to skin without sunscreen than when you apply it! SCARY!

The mass-populous use of sunscreen is causing serious internal pollution…BP3 or benzophenone, an active ingredient in our common creams is now found in the blood of 97% of Americans tested and in 90% of those who have never even used sunscreen!! Other chemicals in commercial creams are found in 85% of nursing mothers breast milk samples, meaning that children are drinking potent synthetic hormones during critical stages of development (and you should always be breastfeeding of course!!).These chemicals disrupt female and male sex centers and can cause metabolic, thyroid and reproductive malfunction. Fish exposed to these substances were found to have homosexual tendencies and sexual ‘confusion’, even complete loss of interest in reproduction.

Sunscreen also blocks human ability to manufacture Vitamin D from the sun and is without a doubt directly responsible for our pandemic vitamin D deficiency in North America. Low vitamin D levels have been linked to increased risks of cancer (particularly skin cancer…Hmmmm Hmmmm..suspicious anyone?). Since this Vitamin is essential to proper calcium absorption, we are now seeing epidemic levels of osteoporosis and a re-emergence of rickets in our children as well. This vitamin plays a role in blood sugar metabolism and regulation, hence the increase in Type 1 and 2 diabetes as well as thyroid disease and Chrohns. Deficiency in this vitamin can manifest in fetal neurological developmental and behavioral symptoms such as those related to ADHD, MS and autism.

Am I the only one who smells a connection?? This uber-popular substance seems to have powerful links to the most prevalent and widespread diseases of our time. It is not a coincidence. The more we use sunscreen, the more sick and prone to skin cancer we seem to be. We are more exposed today to these chemicals that we ever were before, not only are we applying these products on our skin repetitively during sunlight hours, but we are now seeing more and more ‘sunscreen sprays’ invasively being used on public beaches, exposing us to the toxic fumes of these poisons. We are inhaling sunscreen while our sin drinks it up, when we should instead be inhaling the fresh iodine rich ocean air and drinking up the beneficial sun’s rays and formulating our glorious vitamin D! We have the responsibility to not only protect ourselves, the population that surrounds us and the world we live in, but we have an obligation to our children, to protect them from direct harm. I hate to point out the obvious, but there is not much that is considered more direct than spraying or rubbing poison onto the body of an infant, or yourself in the presence of a child.  If we spent half as much time informing ourselves about the ingredients in the products we use regularly, as we do listening to mass media brainwashing about what is ‘good for us’, most of us would not have the health issues we do. It seems plain as day to see that the sun is not our mortal enemy, regardless of which pharmaceutical company or over-paid doctor tells us, and that what we should actually be protecting ourselves from is sunscreen itself!



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