Surviving your Natural Healing: What helped me get through each day and maintain my spirit!

Natural healing can be tough, you will cry, feel hopeless, pray for mercy, deny it is happening, boycott healthy food, be mad at the world, blame everyone around you, believe that life is over, hate your body, volley back and forth between diets and feel beyond confused and utterly lost. It will feel like your life is over. Most of all you feel feel scared and uncertain that your efforts are working, or whether you are on the right track even when you are absolutely on the fast train towards perfect health. Your emotions will rage and crash, your mind will convince you healing is not possible and your spirit will falter more times than you can count. All of this is a GIFT and a sure sign you are on the road to wellness. This video covers my own hardship and what got me through each excruciating day, the tips and tools that brought me as painlessly as possible to where I am now: fully healed, disease-free and happy. You can get there too!

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