The Best Stage 4 cancer reversal protocol: Do this immediately to heal terminal cancer quickly!


  1. I was very enthusiastic about ridding cancer with veggie smoothies, but then I read more and found out one of your breast was removed and that you went through chemo. Perhaps that is also what helped you rid of cancer. Just want to make sure before I tell anyone about the all veggie juice diet.
    Please clarify. Thank you

  2. The recommendations in this video are good and most likely effective. In addition can you comment on the benefits of high dose curcumin for reducing inflammation in colon cancer.

  3. Hi Montreal Healthy Girl,

    I came across your You Tube videos quite recently,(you are awesome by the way) while trying to understand a healthier way of life. I though I was doing many the right things.

    Let me start from the beginning, my name is Jacqueline and I live in Ontario, Canada. When I was 46,(2009),I was feeling so good, trying to eat healthy, going to the gym, I felt stronger then ever. I rarely would take medication, even for headaches, would rather grin and bare it. Later that year I was diagnosed with Low grade Lymphoma, the protocol for me was wait and see. Quarterly I would get blood tests, everything was stable. The beginning of 2016, I had a cough in which I couldn’t shake, by August 3 my blood work showed the my white blood cells were considerably down. I had to do a CT scan, it showed an 11cm mass between my lung and heart. On August 20, I had another CT scan scheduled biopsy, in which they accidentally nicked a vein or artery. I needed an emergency sternonomy for this to be repaired. Two weeks later I started my chemo protocol(6 sessions, 3 weeks apart). Complications due to chemo were: 1st session, mouth sores, 2nd session, fever and shingles(under my right breast, to my side and going to my back) they were extremely painful, I needed Acyclovir (400mg twice a day) also Pregabalin 2 tablets 75mg x2 daily and pain a pain killer Hydromorphone up to 9 mg as needed, 3rd session, nothing really, I was still in a lot of discomfort from the shingles, 4th 5th and 6th sessions I was hospitalized for fever, low blood pressure, extremely low white blood cells, and a bit of pneumonia . For one of the stays at the hospital I even needed a blood transfusion.
    December 29 2016, I finished my last session of chemo. I’m still on 400mgx1 of Acyclovir so I dont relapse with shingles, and still in some have some nerve pain. I started to look on YouTube for way to boost my immune system and that’s when I came across your videos. I know I have to detox, but what is safe for me?

    One video you mentioned a lot of liters of green juice and water, I’m 5 foot 1 inches and 129 pounds, that just seems like a lot of liquid?

    I would appreciate if you can give me a program in which I can follow, what to take and when to take it, and what ever else I need to know. I’ve been blending green drinks and some fruit drinks and eating fruit and veggie, 90 percent of the time. Can you tell me what herbs I need to buy that would help me, and what to do next, I want to do this right, I have no clue. Is there a book with instructions?

    As I was watching your videos, you mention Dr Robert Morse, and watched some of his videos, did a week of fruit, but I can not help but think i also need my green juices or veggies, I’m confused into doing the right thing to get rid of my cancer completely, and to have a healthy body again. Please help me, I really need your help.

    Jacqueline from Ontario

    Ps My Oncologist want me to take Ritxan for 2 years every 3 months for 2 20 sessions of radiation in 4 weeks

  4. I’m seeking help with a particular condition and would like to know if you could help. Please contact me thanks

  5. Michelle Nasser

    Dear Brittney, where can I send you a deeply personal message?

  6. Hello,
    I noticed you suggested drinking “Fresh Juice” but I fairly regularly drink bottled organic juices made by Suja juice company. Would that be ok instead?

  7. Anthony Kell

    Hi Shoshanna, I watched a couple of your videos on clearing kidney stones and chronic acidosis. I have suffered kidney stones on and off for many years, and I’m also sure I’m way too acidic based in my diet. Would you recommend doing the watermelon protocal first followed by alkalization protocol to correct my physiology. I had a lithotrysy some time ago that went haywire fragmenting a big stone into many pieces. The stones have been an ongoing source of excruciating periodic pain for these last couple of years.

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