The end of Hypothyroid: Heal you Thyroid Gland Naturally


  1. janice rogg

    Having a hard time reaching you through your website contact form. Tells me my email address is incorrect but its not. Would like to schedule a consultation with you. Thanks

  2. I found you on YouTube, and am amazed at your knowledge and easy care instructions. I make lots of fermented vegetables, recently my blood pressure was elevated and dr said I should stop eating them, seems the salt is the cause. I am now fermenting with celery juice.
    My daughter has this hypothyroid problem. Dr says, she is borderline, not bad enough for meds, yet not good enough for her thyroid to function properly. She put on lots of weight and cannot seem to find the right way to trim down or to heal her thyroid.
    Do you have a specific diet regimen you can give, or should she get a consultation with you?

  3. I absolutely love your videos and website.

  4. Only 1% of Canadians are suffering of hypothyroidie. Main cause is a lack in iode. The problem is not growing in rich countries.

  5. Hi it seems you are a very busy person, however I would like to purchase some of your products

    • Brittany Auerbach

      Hi Patrick! Please contact me using the button on the menu so we can discuss how I can help you. Thanks!

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