Are the toxins in our environment making us sick??

Toxic Load and Body Burden

We live in a very toxic world today, since the radical expansion of chemical industry in the 1950’s, a plethora of synthetics have entered our drinking water, food supply and personal care products. There is scarcely an article of clothing, a piece of furniture or a cleaning product that does not expose us to poisonous materials and add to what we call the human ‘toxic load and body burden’.

Many argue that chemicals , deemed an ‘advancement in technology’, has made life more convenient; processed food and frozen dinners have made the working woman’s life easier, the abundance of laptops and cell phones make communication simple, and the use of synthetic personal care products has made beauty easily attainable,  however what has been ignored is how much all of these things come at a cost. Poor dietary choices lead to illness and nutritionally starved cells while our electronics emit levels of radiation that may cause DNA damage predisposing us to disease and affecting our reproductive success. One cannot argue that there is a heavy price to pay for eating, breathing, drinking, wearing, using and applying chemicals onto and into our bodies every single day.

This chronic level of in-coming toxins wreaks havoc on our delicate internal balance by disrupting the entire functioning of our organs and cells. The body wants to be healthy at all costs and many of our organs are specifically designed to help us cleanse and detoxify any dangerous substances we may come into contact with. These include the skin, which cleanses the body through perspiration, the kidneys which among other things, filter the blood and bodily fluids, the digestive system, which processes the food we consume and eliminates toxic waste DAILY (or it should) via feces. Most importantly we have the wonderful liver, which actually filters every single thing that enters our body, absolutely nothing bypasses the liver. It is necessary that these organs remain strong and function properly, especially with the high level of chemical exposure we encounter today. Toxins can otherwise become backed up within our bodies risking the poisoning the blood and vital organs, or worse, they can become stored within our internal tissues, irritating and damaging them.

Over time, even the strongest of bodies begin to wear down under the distress of improper nourishment and the constant attack from environmental pollutants and disease begins to appear.

So what do we do with this information? It would be utterly impossible to avoid all exposure to chemicals and artificial materials given their wide use around us. The unfortunate acceptance that some of these factors are out of our control is part of life. However, you do not have to throw your hands up yelling ‘I give up, either way I will be sick and toxic!!’ This would be denying your right to a healthy, pain and disease-free life. There are just as many factors you CAN control through the lifestyle choices you make that can enormously minimize your toxic load and support your body into proper healing and functioning.  I will go into more detail about these rules of health in my next article and video. The human body is incredibly resilient and can overcome a great many chemical and toxic ‘assaults’. Given a little respect and consideration, the body will work for you until the very day you die; your health is entirely in your control!



  1. So true….. Humanity has existed on blind faith for far too long, and at tremendous cost…. We have placed faith and trust in governments, institutions, corporations, and organizations seemingly designed to having our best interests and welfare in mind, only to come to the stark awareness that this has proven to be a well orchestrated, finely-tuned, and veiled falsehood…. The reality is that in all things it is really BUYER BEWARE and BUYER INFORM…..! The age of awareness is upon us, requiring questions that need answers and the status quo that needs change….

    Our life, its experience, and our longevity are what is at stake if we fail to act and demand.

    The knowledge is out there…. we have the ability…. our collective voice need only be heard….

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained…nothing sought, nothing found…..nothing demanded, nothing received….

    The choice is ours……

    Britt, thanks once more for your every effort to inform and educate…..

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