Who Wins: Mother Nature vs Man-made Modern Medecine

With so much confusion surrounding the whole: Conventional vs Natural medicine debate, I thought I’d share some personal insight.
“The best way to be healthy is to avoid all man-made foods (processed/GMO etc). No matter how ego-driven or experimentally-creative man can be, his narrow intelligence simply cannot rival that of Mother Nature. She provides every survival resource and the perfect environment to enable life for over 8.7 million beings. She has done this for millions of YEARS! When you think of this, doesn’t believing the word of a 50 year old group of researcher in lab coats over the basic laws of nature seem rather absurd?! Modern Science vs Nature: I choose NATURE!”
This concept makes sense as most of us became ill because we strayed too far from nature in the first place. We’re living in smog-infested cosmopolitan cities where the air quality is poor. Eating man-made laboratory processed foods, chemicals and additives. Taking man-made toxic alcohol or recreational drugs/med’s. Allowing ourselves to be swept up in the superficiality of life: jobs, money, stress, drama. We are basically a sick society because we do not take the time to walk outdoors and smell the fresh air, we do not take the time to breathe deeply and fully, we do not take the time to rest when we are tired or eat the food that benefits us such as fresh organic raw living fruits and vegetables. We ignore our instincts and feed our weaknesses. We are sick, because we do not take the time to be grateful for the glorious luxury of being able to see, feel, smell, taste, touch, experience and LIVE this life to the fullest every single day.  We have become so out of touch with Nature and her beautifully balanced intention for us and we are suffering for it.
Take a few moments every day to think about what you really want for yourself and those you love. Do you want to leave your kids in a toxic, chemical-ridden world with an abundance of disease-producing processed-foods. Do you really want to leave them believing that inhumane slaughtering practices and animal cruelty are acceptable for human financial gain or mass-produced food? Do you want to teach them to spend money on food and products that are destroying beautiful Mother Earth, the very thing we depend on, in every way, for survival?! At the end of the day, our ability to live, breathe, drink water and be healthy depends on the state of this planet, whether we like to think bout it or not.
With every new chemical created, our cancer rates increase further and many of us are dying well before our time (contrary to popular belief, humans are designed to live from 120 to 140 years old on a biologically ideal raw food diet, not 80!- many today don’t make 60). We are not really anything other than another parasite sucking from planet Earth, and we have proven to be the very most damaging parasites of all. You may not be an environmentalist or really care about the state of the earth, but respecting it matters to the survival of our entire species and the other 8.7 million living beings sharing this environment with us. Every other living vital force on this planet respects the laws of Nature, all except humans. Our blatant disrespect has even polluted their food sources and are killing them off as we indulge our personal-gain efforts. Are we as humans so horribly egotistical and self-righteous that we truly believe we have a right to destroy this planet and hence threaten the survival ability of millions of other living creatures? Remember, when they die, we die as well. What kills bees ALSO kills us. What kills fish ALSO kills us. We have all the power to make lasting changes for future generations. Our ancestors fought for us, because of this our quality of living is what it is today. It is our turn to fight for our children, for their right to health and happiness- and for their children as well. As consumers we have the glorious power to put our money ONLY into products and companies we believe will benefit us, our children and this world. By informing others, destroying the mass ignorance of today’s society not buying from companies that use chemicals, GMO’s, or animal testing or inhumane slaughtering practices you are helping to make a global change, one that will directly affect your health and of those your love in a positive way. Cheers to Organic sustainable living!
Most of us want to be balanced and live a life filled with love, joy, environmental harmony and family. By truly taking the time to look at the signs, Nature is telling us that we are doing it all wrong:
GMO Corn vs Organic Corn – Even the squirrels know which one is better… (From Natural News)
Photo: GMO Corn vs Organic Corn - Even the squirrels know which one is better...


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