Work With Me

My approach to Healing

What matters most to me is that you feel safe and confident with whoever you are working with in your healing so let me share more about myself so that you can decide if you feel I am the right person for you!

I am a certified Naturopath with complimentary studies in Ayurveda, food science and chemistry, natural hygiene and detoxification, holistic nutrition and gestational/children’s health. I began my studies, shortly after becoming devastatingly ill years ago. My frustration with the conventional medical community and their continual lack of answers led me to pursue the help of holistic and alternative health practitioners so that I could experiment with more natural healing modalities.

Sadly, what I found in the most of the natural health community was not much more promising than allopathy, and after much money spent and the many side effects of overly aggressive natural treatment options, I found myself very discouraged and considerably more unwell.



Personalized Written 3 Month Healing Program

*This program is offered exclusively via email and payment must be processed via Paypal before we can set your program delivery date.

Written Program includes:

  • Detailed Medical Questionnaire and Health Background Analysis
    • An in-depth investigation into the root causes of your current health challenges
  • Thorough Assessment of Current Habits and Lifestyle
    • To Identify all possible roadblocks and addressing/correcting the negative factors that have impaired your healing
  • Learn what Vitamins, Minerals, Foods and Herbs are Best Suited to Correct Your Deficiencies
    • Identifying and replenishing your specific nutritional deficiencies is essential for your healing!
  • Personalized complete 3 month program to address your health challenges and support the body in healing from disease
    • Receive the most personalized and comprehensive healing program crafted to help promote your specific disease reversal and support your return to optimal health!